Payment KIOSKS

Complete hardware and software system with many self-service options in the retail field.

AIM Smart Self-Service Solution

When proposing a payment kiosk solution, flexibility in terms o features and design is one of the key points to be selected as a provider. Flexibility comes from software application and from the mix of components of the payment kiosk in order to satisfy customer requirements.

The main advantage of our system is that we offer a personalized solution both in terms of design and multiple functionalities that can be integrated into a single piece of equipment. The Platform software is developed and customized by AIM in line with the latest and most demanding market requirements.

Smart Self-Service Solution offers 24/7 personal data access for Bill Payments, Taxes payments, purchasing prepaid SIMs, Banking Operations - Cash deposit account; Access Internet Banking - Transfer between accounts, authentication can be done by: ID or Credit card and also Payments for vignettes or payments for tickets to public transportation; Purchase airline tickets, Buying tickets to concerts or performances, all this to one single equipment..

The application for this equipment allows access to all the features described above, and communication with HOST, The basic operating system is Windows 7 on which the application is built and customized according to the client’s requirements.