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Pin Pad SP130

The SP130 is certified PCI PTS 6.x, EMV Contactless L1, PayPass, payWave, ,American ExpressPay, Discover D-PAS, UnionPay QuickPass, TQM, CE, RoHS

Our secure PIN pads can be connected to any cash register, payment terminal or self-checkout system, allowing businesses to provide a dedicated customer interface for faster and more convenient payment acceptance.

Providing a dedicated customer interface for connection to countertop payment terminals, SP130 provides unrivalled convenience and fast payment acceptance for high-volume points of interaction. Accepting card and mobile wallet transaction types, SP130 provides a stylish and easy-to-use extension to countertop payment terminals.


2.4-inch TFT full color LCD display, resolution of 320 x 240
32-bit high-performance ARM secure processor with high-speed memory, approved to the most advanced security certification standards PCI 6.x ensuring secure payments.


Highly resistant to impact, splash resistant, anti-static and ability to withstand a wide range of operational and storage temperatures, give this device a long lifespan.


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