Cash Recyclers

Cash recycling & ATM technology leads the initiative role in financial institutions

Cash Recycler H68V Series

The H68V series are new generation cash recyclers with modern appearance and large volume cash processing capacity. Their cutting-edge design, high reliability, wide scalability make them a perfect fit in various scenarios. The optional note auditing functionality of H68V series can realize more efficient and precise cash management to reduce your TCO.

Superior capacity and reliability

50% increase on maximum bulk cash depositing/dispensing capacity. Large capacity of cash cassette with maximum 3,300 notes. Reliable performance maximizes machine uptime.

Self-audit cash recycling module

New cash recycling module supports note auditing to raise more benefits of cash management and CIT procedure, making it a valuable model to optimize your business.

Flexible configuration and development

Top-cabinet or side-car design fulfills flexible and scalable functionalities, realizing easier function expansion and development.

Easy deployment and maintenance

Optimized design and material makes H68V series cash recyclers a lighter model with and compact footprint, which enables convenient deployment. Modular design and neat wiring ensures fast replacement of failure parts within 15 minutes.

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